Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food Saver Coupon for Machine and Bags

$3.00 off Brita Pitcher Replacement Filter pack
$15.00 off a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System
$2.00 off a FoodSaver Heat-Seal Bag or Roll

There is the really cool Food Saver and then there is the little hand held on that sucks air out of specially designed bags. I have the little hand held one. It does the job just fine if you are freezing a few things here and there. If you plan on doing alot of food storage in the freezer, I would opt for the larger one.

With the $15 off coupon-- you should be able to get the small hand help one for FREE.
I used this coupon last year and got it totally FREE.
Here it is on Amazon for $15.23, just to give you an idea on pricing.

Then you use the coupon for the bags and you are ready to start preserving food!
I use mine so I can take advantage of sale and bulk pricing.
For example, I get a bag of organic bell peppers from Costco. I slice up 4-5 of them and put them in some freezer bags and use my little handy dandy Food Saver and then I don't have to worry about wasting food. I pop open the bag, grab what I need, and reseal.
I get the awesome Costco price on Organic.
And I don't let food spoil.
Good all the way around.

I through in the Brita filter coupon because I believe very strongly in filtering your water. I even use filtered water for boiling pasta, etc etc.

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