Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thrift Store Shopping: How to get free clothes

Most Thrift Stores have days where they run specials.

My local Thrift Store has $5 days. They give you a bag and you can fill it with as many articles of clothing as you can fit. The bag is just $5.

Your Thrift Store might have something similar.
Or perhaps they have a day when certain tags are only $0.99?

When I shop on these days I love to look for items for Halloween costumes and dress ups.
The kids love knowing they can give whatever they want.

Several years ago I let my girls try out gymnastics and ballet.
I was shocked to see the prices of leotards and tutus. As they were only attending on a trial basis, I didn't want to invest that kind of money on their uniforms. I turned to Ebay and found lower prices-- but still surprisingly high prices. So I ended up getting them at the Thrift Store.
When the girls outgrew the leotards I remembered the prices they were going for on Ebay.

I listed them on Ebay and doubled my money.


Now whenever I go to $5 Bag day at the Thrift Store I look for leotards.
And I list them on Ebay.

Last month I bought all 3 of my children clothes,  plus some dress up clothes for $5.
I also put 3 leotards in the bag.

Those auctions just ended and I made $16.49

Which means all those clothes were FREE plus a profit of $11.49!!!!

So next time you are shopping at the Thrift Store keep an eye out for clean, tear free Leos to help offset your costs.
Other things that resell well?
Self Help books, popular hardbacks, designer shoes, baby clothes.
I am sure you can do some research and find other things that resell well too.

Good Luck!

And here's a song for you:

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