Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spreebird Deal: Vegan Leather Crocodile Clutch

Some people make fun of Anne Hathaway for her "celebrity demands" requiring her costumes and shoes on set to be completely Vegan. I am quite proud of her. What is the worth of a belief if you do not live it?
It would be easy for her to justify, "Ok, I will wear it for the film, or the red carpet,,..." blah blah blah. Instead she has drawn a line in the sand and will not cross.
And I think it's awesome.

I wear leather. At this point in my journey I have no problem with it. I believe in using the animal and all it's parts. As long as humanity is involved in the process, I am ok with the use of animals for the benefit of man.
We each have our own path.

This $50 clutch is 80% off at only $10
Shipping is an additional $3.50

Read all the details of the deal HERE on Spreebird.

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