Friday, August 24, 2012

Prop 37 Some thoughts on Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

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California Prop 37 would require food companies to put a label on food that contain GMO's.
If it is a single food item, like a banana, a small sign on the shelf would have to indicate that it is genetically modified. If it is a processed food, like a cookie, the package would have to say, "Made with Genetically Modified Ingredients."

Prop 37 does not require warning labels.

 It won't have to tell you "This product is made with GMO's that might explode your kidneys. I mean, it explodes the organs of bugs, but we don't know if it is hurting your organs, because the FDA doesn't make us do long term studies and it's better for our profit margin if we don't find out the answer."

It won't tell you, "This product may cause you to develop food intolerances or allergies that you've never had before because your body won't know how to recognize or process our altered food."

It won't tell you, "GMO's are heavily contaminated with pesticides that are so powerful they have been found in the placenta."

It won't tell you, "GMO's are so highly resistant to normal pesticides and bugs now that they require ultra pesticides that have resulted in ultra bugs. Nature finds a way, so we just keep making stronger poison."

It will ONLY tell you that the food you are about to eat contains a GMO.
It will be small and discreet. It will not educate you on what a GMO is or it's potential health concerns.

So WHY are so many companies spending millions of dollars to keep these few tiny words off labels?

They are so afraid if you realize what you are eating you won't eat it anymore.

They claim it will raise the price of foods. Not true. They change labels all the time to introduce holidays, new flavors, change ingredients, etc etc. This is in their budget. It's not going to increase anything. And if GMOs really aren't any different from non-GMOs (as they claim) there shouldn't be any difference in their growth and harvesting, so it shouldn't cost any more to produce.

They claim it will hurt the poor. Not true. I have been able to switch over to 80% organic and I haven't changed my budget one cent. Give the poor some credit. If you are saying the poor only know how to eat bad quality processed boxed food, then you are insulting a great number of intelligent people. 

They claim it will increase frivolous lawsuits. Perhaps. If you continue to lie to the public and poison us, we will probably sue you. I just don't see how that's my fault though. I'm pretty sure it's yours. What you are actually saying is you don't want to pay for your actions or accept responsibility for putting dangerous food on the market.

They claim this is a ploy by organic farmers to sabatoge the mainstream food supply. The mainstream food supply is high fat, high salt, highly processed, and linked to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, heart attack, attention deficit, neurological disorders and more. It's time we attacked our "mainstream food supply". It's time we said NO MORE. We need to demand good food. REAL FOOD. Food with accountability. In addtion, there are so many more companies besides organic farmers who are supporting this prop, as well as many medical groups, associations, and individuals.

If GMO's really were exactly the same as non-GMO's, they wouldn't care about a few words on label. 
They would be proud to identify their food. 

Do not fall for their propoganda.

If you see something about this Prop you would like me to explore and explain please pass it on.
I am happy to do it.

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