Friday, January 4, 2013

Farm Fresh To You Deal

Groupon is offering up a deal for a Farm Fresh to You box.
This is for San Francisco area residents and businesses.
I did this deal last summer and I had mixed feelings.

I love organic produce.
And I love buying local.

However-- I shop discounts and sales.
If apples are on sale we eat apples.
If strawberries are on sale we eat strawberries.

I try my best not to buy produce at it's premium price and that is exactly what you are doing when you buy these boxes.

It was also very difficult for me to use the produce I received. I would get 2 oranges (for my family of 5) and then 4 bunches of dill.
Really? How about 5 oranges and 1 bunch of dill?

It was nice to get it delivered to my door.
And it was nice experimenting with foods I normally wouldn't buy- like leeks.

So my recommendation is this.
Buy the deal.
You get $31 worth of organic produce for $15.
Then cancel.

Unless you decide it's fantastic-- then continue.

But it's worth the one time deal just for fun.

Farm Fresh to You Deal details HERE

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