Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CVS 25% off Online Site Wide

CVS is offering up a promo code running until Sunday.
25% off your entire order ONLINE only.

These aren't always the best deals, but it's great for when you are completely out of something and you need it no matter what. Like diapers. If you need diapers, you are going to go get them regardless of price. So at least this way you get 25% off.

(or you can look into cloth diapers and then you just do laundry)

They carry some natural and organic sunscreens, make up, lotions, etc.
You can also check out vitamins and supplements.

Don't count the drugstores out. They've got some green gems!

use code OFFER25 at checkout

25% Off Sitewide.* Ends Sunday! Online only. Enter coupon code: OFFER25. Shop Now.

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