Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plum District Deal: Bay Area ONLY is a home delivery service of organic, hormone free, etc etc groceries and goods.

From their website:

Skip the parking lots, long lines and hassles of grocery shopping and order organic produce and groceries online with Every product from is certified organic or locally and sustainably produced. Choose from a wide variety including produce, grass-fed meats, sustainable seafood, dairy and dairy alternatives, gluten-free products, healthy snacks, diapers, eco-friendly cleaning products and more!
Founded on the idea that there should be a more sustainable way to buy your groceries, has been connecting local farmers and food producers to the community by using a just-in-time home delivery system, meaning fresher food and healthy convenience delivered to your door.
They deliver in the SF area, as well as East Bay area.
Verify your zip code before ordering.
The deal is for $25 off an order over $50.
I am definitely going to look around and see if it's worth my while.
There might be something on sale I can stock up on.


  1. Be organic product habitual, this will lead to a healthy life and healthy environment and will give you much nutrients.