Monday, October 29, 2012

Prop 37: A letter to my friends

Dear Friends and Family,
Many of you know that I have been a big supporter of Yes on Proposition 37 – the effort to require the labeling of genetically engineered food.  Right now the No on 37 Campaign is blanketing the airwaves with lies and distortions. These ads are designed to confuse you and steer you away from the fact that you have the right to know what’s in your food. 
It’s important that you understand who the “No on 37” actually is.  The two largest contributors to the No on 37 Campaign – multinational agrichemical corporations Monsanto ($8.1 million) and Dupont ($4.9 million) – are the same corporations that told us Agent Orange and DDT were safe.   You can find out more about Monsanto by watching this. Then there are the junk food companies helping to bankroll the opposition such as Cocoa Cola, Pepsi, Nestle and Kellogs.  There are in fact zero donations from actual people to the No side– they are all contributions coming from multi-billion dollar corporations.  
Proposition 37 was co-written by manufacturers, distributors, food safety lawyers, consumer groups, and farmers. It was put before grocers and independent certifying groups before filing. It is written to protect businesses and to pass legal scrutiny. The Proposition covers food on supermarket shelves.
  • No cost to consumers: Adding a few words to labels costs nothing. Labeling didn’t raise costs in 61 other countries and won’t raise costs here. Read the Truth about Cost.
  • Exemptions are common sense: Prop 37 exempts products that have no ingredient labels, such as restaurant food and alcohol. But it will cover meat from genetically engineered animals. The opposition is trying to confuse voters about exemptions.  Read the Truth about Exemptions
We have thousands of endorsers such as the California Nurses Association, United Farm Workers, California Council of Churches, the Sierra Club and thousands of other endorsers you can see here.
Sixty-one countries around the world - representing more than 40% of the planet's population - already require GMO labeling, including all of Europe, Japan, India and China.
The right to know what is in my food and your food is not just important enough for me to vote for Prop 37 but it's why I've dedicated my time to this campaign.  Voting YES on Prop 37 will help ensure that Californians can make informed decisions about the foods we eat and feed our children.  Please vote YES and encourage others to do the same. 
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(I am passing this one and believe in it 100%-- I didn't write this letter though- just copying)

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