Monday, June 4, 2012

My Shopping Trips: The Grocery Outlet 6/4/12

Total: $47.34
Retail Value: $110.06
Savings: $62.72

In the freezer aisle, above the freezer goods, was a long line of organics. Kind of weird place for them and I nearly missed them and a bunch of good deals.

They had organic fruits snacks, 4 in a box, for $0.99
(my buy price for kids snacks is $0.25 a piece, so these were perfect)
Product Details

Uncured Canadian Bacon $1.59
Organic Chips by Organique $0.99
All Natural Applesauce 6 pack $1.49

I also got a few organic beauty items to try out:

Renpure 32 oz shampoo $5.99, (Amazon has this listed at $30!!!!)
Nature's Gate Shampoo 32 oz $5.99 (cheapest price on Amazon is $8.39)
EO Shower Gel 32 oz $7.99 (Amazon has this for $21.45)

I like being able to experiment with different brands for far below retail value. I am so new to the organic culture, that I haven't found "my" brands yet. I love digging for treasure at The Grocery Outlet.

They also had a very impressive deal on Organic Spices. They were HUGE bottles.
Oregano, Chili,  Sea Salt, and Basil.
Normally $12.99, these were just $2.99. Yowzers! For ORGANIC!

They also had a lot of gluten free stuff this week. Corn pasta 16 oz for $1.69, etc etc.

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