Friday, June 15, 2012

Tom's of Maine in this week's Sunday Paper

I get a lot of my coupons from the Sunday paper. In fact, I order 2 Sunday papers.
I get the SF Chronicle and the Tri Valley Herald.
Many of their coupons are the same, but sometimes they issue different coupons or the same coupon- but in a different denomination. So I like to get both.

If you don't have a Sunday subscription, you may want to pick up this Sunday's paper anyway.
In the June 17th edition there will be some great Tom's of Maine coupons. If you don't want to pay for your paper, ask your local library, coffee shops, restaurants, etc, if they can save the ads for you. They get multiple copies of the paper for their patrons and they all end up in the trash. And you know what they say about one man's trash.

  • $1/1 Tom’s of Maine Bar Soap (exp 8/11)
  • $1/1 Tom’s of Maine Deodorant exp (8/11)
  • $1/1 Tom’s of Maine Floss (exp 8/11)
  • $1/1 Tom’s of Maine Mouthwash (exp 8/11)
  • $1/1 Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste (exp 8/11)
  • $2.50/1 Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant (exp 8/11)
Thank you

I just got an update from and they informed me of an upcoming sale for Tom's of Maine at CVS this week. You can get the toothpaste for as low as $1.19 and get the deodorant totally FREE. Sale doesn't start until Monday. If Tom's is your brand, you definitely want the Sunday paper tomorrow!

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  1. Dang! I just put my paper in the recycling! Better go fetch it...