Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Code for Ecomom

Use code TRIKE10 to get $10 off a purchase of $20 or more.

Check the SALES page to maximize your savings

Thank you Red Tricycle for passing this on.

With Ecomom It's All Good
Does navigating the ingredients list on your kids' shampoo bottles or in those so-called healthy snacks feel just as overwhelming as conquering the terrible two's? You're not alone -- tons of us are left wondering what the best and healthiest products for our family really are.
That's where Ecomom comes in. A community-focused online store, Ecomom does the research on what products you can trust so you don't have to. Every item they sell has gone through at least 70 checkpoints from health to safety to usability so you know what you're buying is safe, healthy, and the absolute best.
Ecomom features everything from organic snacks and cloth diapers to non-toxic beauty products and wooden toys. And, for every order placed Ecomom donates a day's worth of meals to a U.S. child in need. So go ahead -- get shopping and do some good for your family and those in need.
Special Offer: Score $10 off orders of $20 or more with code TRIKE10 (expires 11-20-2012).*

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