Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tippr Deal: $39 box of organic fruits delivered

Check out this Tippr Deal if you are in need of a gift to send to someone out of state.
It still seems expensive to me, especially since it is an additional $10 to ship.

So the total is $49 for 8-10 lbs of organic fruits.
At my farmer's market I rarely pay more than $2.49 a lb for anything, so this seems rather inflated.
And they are saying the normal price is $99 plus $10 for shipping! Do people actually pay $10 a lb for fruit?

But I suppose if you have someone out of state, or someone really trying to eat healthy during the holidays this might be a good option.

I try to only post deals I believe in--- and this one is on the fence.
So you tell me---- is this a good deal?

$39 for a box of Organic Fruit, $10 for shipping from Tippr

$39 for a Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Box ($99 Value)


  1. If the fruit is really as beautiful as the picture then maybe so! I am still in shock over the unforgiveable state of my last Farm Fresh to You box.

  2. I had a disappointing experience with Farm Fresh To You as well. Crushed food. Bruises. And weird proportions. I would have continued of it was half the price, but I am also paying the delivery driver and gas money-- so I understand why it's at that price point. I just can't afford to pay that for subpar food.