Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Organic Meat Sale on Plum District

Plum District is offering a deal on organic meats from Emerald Organic Products.
They will ship the meat anywhere in the lower 48.

The meat is organic and grass fed.

The deal:
You pay $35 for a $70 voucher towards meat.
Shipping is $20 flat rate.

An idea would be to buy the ground beef on sale for $9.99 a lb.
So 7 lbs for $70.
You pay $35 for the meat plus $20 for shipping.
$55 for 7 lbs or $7.85 a pound.

I just stocked up on ground beef the last time Whole Foods had a sale and I paid $5.99 a lb.
So this is not the best deal out there, but it is decent, especially if you want to stock up your freezer.
You can look at the other cuts of meat too, to see if there is a better deal.

This is also one of the promotions where if you buy it and get your 3 friends to buy it, you end up getting it free.
I am not going to buy it this time, as I just stocked up on beef and have over 20 lbs in my freezer right now.
But if you buy it, let me know and I will add your link to this post so that maybe you can earn it free! If more than one of you buy it, feel free to add your links to the comments section so other people can buy under you.

Check out the deal HERE


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