Monday, April 30, 2012

Well if it's on Oprah it must be true! posts about the dangers of GMO's

Here is a lovely article on about GMO's.

GMO- Genetically Modified Organism
GEO- Genetically Engineered Organism

A very basic run down on GMO's:
Basically they take a real food, alter it by introducing foreign dna to be more draught resistant, or to be sterile, or to produce it's own herbicide, or to make it twice as big and slower to rot, etc etc, and then they tell you it's just the same as it was before. Well- it can't be the same as before or you wouldn't have need to change it. And I think I should get to choose if I am eating a real food or one you created in a lab. Especially since GMO's are relatively new, so we have no idea of the long term effects on our bodies and all short studies on test animals indicate that they destroy the organs, create infertility, and kill. Monsanto is the #1 producer of GMO's. They also have the US Government in the palms of their hands.

Most people think this is a fanatical crazy theory that only a few people adhere too.
But guess what?
Now Oprah agrees with me.
And the fringe group is suddenly main stream.

Thank you Oprah!

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  1. Oprah is exactly who we need on our side! Now if we can get her to convince Dr. Oz that soy is bad...

  2. Your link didn't open for me, is it this article?

  3. Ok. I think I corrected it. Thanks!