Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Customized Photo Reusable Shopping Bag $4.99

A cashier at Trader Joe's told me they are going bagless next January. A cashier at Nob Hill told me they are going to start charging for bags "soon". The truth is, if you aren't using reusuable bags to save trees, you are going to have to start using them to save money. So why not have a cute bag?

This bag is typically $8.99, plus $4.99 for shipping.
BUT through this link you can get the bag for FREE and only pay shipping.

This would be a really cute gift idea for Grandma too, if you put pictures of her grandkids all over it!
You can make a best friends one to give to your friend, or a sisters one to give to your sister.
If you got it for someone and then filled it with nice organic treats, even better!

If you need a code it's: FREEBAG

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