Thursday, May 24, 2012

Earthbound Farms Baby Kale $0.75 OFF

Join Earthbound Farm's Step's Program to get coupons. Today's coupon is $0.75 off Baby Kale.
I love putting a stock of kale in my fruit smoothies. One stock is just enough to give me some added benefits of veggies without changing the taste of my sweet fruit smoothie. I admit it-- I'm just not to the green smoothie point. I only eat food that tastes good.

Snag your coupon HERE


  1. Do i have to sign up to sign up with earthbound to get their coupons? Melinda A

  2. I am pretty sure you do. You can sign up here:
    It's their Earth's Step Program. They send you an email once a day with a coupon, recipe, or tip.