Monday, May 21, 2012

Nielsen Home Scan Membership

This has got me thinking.
Nielson Home Scan is a company that gathers info on what people buy.
You sign up and they send you a scanner. When you make purchases, you scan the bar code. Once a week, you electronically send them the info stored in your scanner. This way they can track what is selling in America.

Just think the impact we could have if we sent in all our data showing healthy food purchases, organics, and environmentally friendly goods? We would be able to send a message that we DO care about what's in our food, that we want more organic choices to be available and affordable. Our opinions really could make a difference.

In addition to the greater good, you will also be rewarded with points for your scans. These points can be traded in for gift cards, electronics, household goods, jewelry, toys, etc.

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